Jeremy Higgs


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Name: Jeremy Higgs
Organization: EcoEnergy
Title: Director of Operations & Co-founder

Challenge Entries

Despite the global proliferation of off-grid solar products, the rural poor of Pakistan don’t use them. Why? No one has shown them how these products can drastically improve their lives.

EcoEnergyFinance’s last-mile distribution model bridges this critical gap for the 70 million living off-grid.

EcoEnergy provides affordable solar energy solutions to the 65 million people who lack access to energy in Pakistan.

We do this to provide a better quality of life through increased education, health and income-generation.

We seek to create opportunities for people with disabilities to earn an income with dignity and equal opportunities as their peers.

NOWPDP will increase the access of people with disabilities to opportunities for employment. This will be done through:
- establish partnerships to provide relevant vocational and business training for people with disabilities
- incubate small businesses founded by people with disabilities

In turn, they will create employment opportunities for people with and without disabilities.