Jhosep Delgado


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Name: Jhosep Delgado
Organization: Instituto de Educación Internacional of Perú
Website: http://www.iei-peru.com/
Title: Founder and CEO
I was born and raised in Cusco, a small cosmopolitan town, located in the heartland of historical Peru. I have been fortunate to have a broad education. I studied school in Peru, went to college in the US, and worked in Germany despite my parents’ limited resources. During college and thereafter, I have worked with truly inspiring youth leaders and met with like-minded change makers from around the world. I have been lucky to travel to unique locations and received an interdisciplinary education while living in the developed world. For many, this would have been a dream come true, yet a serendipitous moment changed the way I thought about my place in the world and led me to make the riskiest decision of my life. After having spent a third of my life in the developed world, my heart-felt commitment drew me back to Peru. In 2012, I founded the Instituto de Educación Internacional of Peru with a vision to empower the poor with the same opportunities I had. Through my organization, today I devote my time to my students and defend an ambitious cause: the pursuit of high-quality education so that students build global competencies immersed in “real-world” experiences.

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We provide low-cost advising programs to give talented students from lower-middle-income backgrounds access to high quality education. We serve our community by bridging inequalities between privileged students and those from low-income backgrounds.