Jimi Akindele


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Name: Jimi Akindele
Organization: Opportunity Developers Inc.
Website: http://gust.com/c/opportunitydevelopersinc
Title: President and CEO
Jimi is a New York Attorney that has worked as a policy maker and advocate for Renewable Energy and its application in Sub Saharan sustainable development. He's interested in creating North-South and South-South Partnerships to promote and finance decentralized renewable energy production in Sub Saharan Africa.

Challenge Entries

Jasmine Bee is a Tanzanian Social Enterprise that aims to leverage Tanzania's massive organic honey potential, as well as its deeply rooted beekeeping traditions by improving the entire value-chain. We directly engage and support rural poor beekeepers and connect them to international markets.

We are a small rural electrification consultancy that has partnered with a Tanzanian solar retailer/installer and the Tanzanian Ministry of Health. Our project is to install small DC solar lighting systems at various off-grid rural Tanzanian medical dispensaries to provide health and lighting services. This project will become sustainable through the revenue from cell phone charging services.

Our venture is based on a successful World Bank backed pilot: the installation of solar panels on rural off-grid medical dispensaries. These installations would power a microscope for diagnosing malaria, a small fridge for storing vaccines, and provide light for evening births et al.

These installations would also generate revenue, thus lending the venture sustainability, through a cell phone charging business.