Joan Townsend


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Name: Joan Townsend
Organization: Retrak
Title: US Country Director
Joan Diggs Townsend has a Masters of Business Administration from Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, with concentrations in public/nonprofit management and marketing. Prior to working for Retrak, she worked at the Smithsonian Institution and the African Wildlife Foundation.

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May 05, 2014 / 3 Comments / in At risk youth, Health education, HIV/AIDS, Play

Across Africa, there are hundreds of thousands of children living on the streets, disconnected from the protection of family. They live under constant threat of infection with HIV. Retrak reaches out to these children and, through game-based learning, empowers them to protect themselves.

Apr 25, 2013 / 0 Comments / in At risk youth, Youth development

Each year, Tudabujja Halfway Farm in Uganda provides 90 street children with nutrition education and teaches them modern farming techniques. When they return to their villages, the children and their entire families have improved nutrition and greater household income.

Retrak's program of Self-Help Groups for Street Children enables marginalized youth to take their future into their own hands by planning, setting up and running their own small businesses. Young people work in groups to support and encourage each other's ideas and plans.