khulud khamis


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Name: khulud khamis
Organization: Kayan-Feminist Organization
Title: Resource Development Coordinator
Kayan believes that social change can be achieved when women are empowered to exert influence and make decisions about their own lives as well as society as a whole. In order for this belief to be valid women must have the knowledge and confidence required to become proactive and self directed. The activities of Kayan lay the foundation for this process of women`s empowerment to take place. Kayan was founded in 1998 by Arab feminist women with the goal of advancing the status of Arab women in Israel and protecting their rights. Kayan`s singular approach is to focus on grassroots capacity building that has a transformative effect on individual women as well as throughout society. The founders of Kayan are interested in issues that tackle the tension between nationality and gender, feminist concepts and ethics in feminism as it relates specifically to Arab-Israeli women. As women who belong to an unrepresented minority we often experience double discrimination, as a woman and as an Arab. It is from this place that we engage in grassroots work to bring about social, legal and economic equality for all Arab women in Israel. In the Palestinian olive orchards of the West Bank and Israel, pretense ends. Here, families are moved not by ideological reductionism, but rather, by a love for the land and an earthen goodness that handily subsumes the "Middle East conflict." In the August heat, a fine layer of summer dust coats these ancient promises of peace and human redemption; beneath is found the simple comfort of sweet tea sipped among sisters in the shade. The women of Kayan-Feminist Organization envision a secure and just society, in which Arab women in Israel enjoy full and equitable opportunities for self-expression and self-actualization. We invest in the development of grassroots leadership to catalyze social change grounded in the elimination of gender disparity. Kayan values pragmatism in the democratization of the public sphere, fosters genuine agency among Arab women and brings their influence directly to bear upon the realization of their rights. We strive to promote and defend the social, economic, and civil rights of Arab women throughout Israel; contest inequality in Israel by addressing the root causes of social exclusion and gender disparity; empower Arab women to set their own agenda of self-actualization; and provide tools to strengthen Arab women’s leadership in decision-making processes at the grassroots

Challenge Entries

This initiative aims to: i): Activate a core stratum of Arab women’s health advocates within a framework of sustainable, grassroots community organizing, ii) Contest gender disparity in health rights actualization by institutionalizing the participation of women within decision-making processes of Arab local authorities in Israel. This program will empower a new cadre of Arab women leaders to challenge their marginalization, set their own agendas of self-actualization and engage in the public sphere.

Many Arab women in Israel do not exercise their social rights and forfeit them through non-fulfillment of their duties. The reason is lack of knowledge and access to information; the result is unnecessary poverty. We will train Arab women to access their national insurance accounts and social rights information online, increasing their social rights knowledge and their economic situation.