Kevin Adair


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Name: Kevin Adair
Organization: El Fuego del Sol
Title: GeoTourism Entrepreneur

Challenge Entries

Creating / implementing a medical regimen, including technological, cultural and behavioral interventions to combat ALRI and stillbirth in developing countries.

The World Health Organization estimates that indoor air pollution leads to thousands of premature deaths in Haiti each year. Fuego del Sol (FdS) manufactures Sun Oven solar cookers in the DR, for distribution in the DR and into Haiti. FdS works with local NGOs and grass-roots organizations to facilitate adoption and verification of use with the goal of saving the lives of women who prepare food for their family, and the children the women care for. Sun Ovens are quality solar cooking appliances, and our program has developed strong demand in the local population.

Ecological and creative development innovations for the DR and Haiti that are chosen and introduced by local community leaders.

Innovation has been the key to United States success. America’s children are hungry for innovative, creative opportunities. However, as the US has matured, our societal emphasis and encouragement of innovative educational development has waned. We are now being surpassed by the innovative emphasis of Europe and Asia. The educational sector where this is most apparent is in sustainable energy, and the regions of our country where this is most pronounced is the financially poorest communities.

Fuego del Sol S.R.L. (FdS) is a Dominican Triple-Bottom-Line company dedicated to operating financially sustainably while working to improve the ecological and social environments. The business R&D process of FdS is to diligently research and compare globally available technologies to address an issue that Dominican and Haitian people see as a daily problem. FdS then gets the license to represent and promote the best product that can address that issue. Since 2006 FdS has manufactured Sun Ovens in the DR, following Fair Trade employment standards.

Millions of displaced Haitian people have endured tents or worse for 13 months, post-earthquake. SSIP housing can be deployed in either temporary or permanent configurations. Fuego del Sol (FdS), a Dominican triple-bottom-line corporation, is prepared to deliver SSIP (Structural Steel Insulated Panels) to housing sites throughout the island of Hispaniola. FdS technology partners in the US can supply manufactured SSIPs now to the DR and Haiti while the Dominican FdS factory is created.

A strong network of NGOs, grass-roots organizations, corporations and individuals working together to engage international Caribbean island tourism to facilitate:

• Improving and protecting social and ecological environments,
• Introducing renewable energy solutions,
• Propagating Fair Trade products / services,
• Celebrating the rich historical cultural splendor of the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

A Dominican Triple-Bottom-Line, limited liability corporation that combines geotourism with the manufacture, distribution and promotion of ecological technologies in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. EFdS provides ecological and social solutions, including technological advances, that work to improve lives while creating sustainable corporate profits. Three bottom lines: people, planet and profit.

Local live discussion networks in places like airports, airplanes, universities, condominiums and neighborhoods , dedicated to finding solutions for major international problems. People could opt in to the networks when signing on through a pubic portal such as the Airport WiFi service page, or Boingo welcome screen or in-flight WiFi.

Creative, developmental live ongoing game-like application that awards points to users for creating and participating in the quest for real-world solutions for real ecological dilemmas. User-developers format real environmental challenges into interactive game-like scenarios. Participants from around the world offer solutions that they could create virtually and/or actually physically visit.