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Name: Khaled Elnems
Inventor: Khaled Elnems  I’m Egyptian Inventor but I born, live and working on U.A.E, and I have more than 8 Nos. innovations with patent in a lot of fields for (Clean energy, Preserve Water, Welfare Electronic)  Member of Egyptian Inventors Union (IFIA)  Member of U.A.E UAE Science Club.  One of the founders for the THE EGYPTIAN SOCIETY FOR WOMEN & YOUTH INVENTOR  One of the founders for the Egyptian Inventors Syndicate (under construction)  The Head of Delegation on International Innovations Exhibitions Under (Egypt & U.A.E) • I put Egypt on The 3rd International Rank Inventors Award on (IIA- International Inventors Award) (Sweden) 2011 • I put Egypt on The 2nd International Rank Inventors Award on SEOUL INTERNATIONAL INVENTION FAIR (SIIF) Korea 2011 • I put U.A.E on The 4th International Rank Inventors Award on SEOUL INTERNATIONAL INVENTION FAIR (SIIF) Korea 2011 Participated in a lot of International Innovations Exhibitions and Research Centers and taken International Rewards: International Innovations Exhibitions Rewards: • 41 Nos. of Medals (16 No. of Golden Medal, 14 Nos. of Silver Medals & 11 Nos. of Bronze Medal) with 60Nos. of Evaluation Certificates from (Taiwan, Sweden, Kuwait, Qatar, Lebanon, Korea, Nigeria, Iran, Malaysia, Romania, Belgrade, Russia, Ukraine, China, Zagreb & Egypt) • 6 Nos. of Outstanding Diplomas from (Taiwan, Sweden) • 4 Nos. of Special Prize from (Korea) • The 3rd International Rank Inventors Award with Plaque from (IIA- International Inventors Award) (Sweden) • 1 No. of The international innovation Cup Research Centers: Qatar Foundation, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation, Abu Dhabi Company for Future Energy (Masdar), Arab Conference of Industrial Information and Networks (Morocco) Chinese Innovation & Invention Society (Taiwan) & European Alliance for innovation (Italy) 2 No. of My Manuscript in the International Journals (ijcst) & (ijser)

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Jan 02, 2013 / 1 Comments / in Environmental justice

We can explain here a new engineering category (Civilectronics):
Its definition simply is to integrate control and data transfer ecivil engineering to become a civil works more accuracy, control and abundant data, information, this invention can build a
new concept (New Category) on extent of turning the concept
of maintenance and operation of infrastructure through the
normal civil works to work of a civil electronically controlled
General Meaning for (Civilectronics) is the combination