Kiera Kolson


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Name: Kiera Kolson
Organization: Canadian Roots Exchange - Les échanges des racines canadiennes
Title: Team Leader - North West Territories Exchange
Kiera-Dawn Kolson is a 25 year old Gwich'en/Tso Tsine from Yellowknife (Somba’kae DENENDEH) NWT. She first stepped on to a stage at the age of four, reciting a 32 line, four-stanza poem winning her first trophy at the Yellowknife Metis Talent Show in 1990. Since that age, her passion for music has taken her across the country. In 2005 she recorded her first demo with ReddRoccRecords, and had the opportunity to perform with award winning hip-hop group Reddnation, Kiera attended the Aboriginal Music Program outside of Winnipeg in 2005 and was chosen to attend the Artist’s Mentoring Program of Canada Summer Games 2005,and the Arctic Winter Games in Kenai Alaska in 2006. She has attended and performed at many events and conferences across Turtle Island and Internationally. She is a high-honors graduate of the (National Aboriginal Professional Artist Training)NAPAT Program of the En'Owkin Indigenous Center as well as the first poetry award recipient of the En'Owkin Center. She has performed at the Earth Ling Environment Festival in Vancouver BC, and at the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards after party in Vancouver, and at the Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards After party in Winnipeg in 2006. She performed at the International Indigenous Hip-Hop Gathering in Los Angels in 2008. She was hand selected by Canada’s Governor General to work alongside Haitian artists in Jakmel Haiti and have the opportunity to meet and discuss Jele, with founder Wyclef Jean. She was involved with NWAC for the past 10 years aspiring to become the vice-president and is proud to continue to be a voice for her aboriginal youth and women outside of the organization. She has attended many leadership gatherings and youth conferences to motivate others, and discuss our identity as aboriginal peoples, and our human rights. She enjoys writing and singing her songs, reading and learning about her identity as a young Dene woman, and giving as much back to her people and passions as possible. "Just because you come from a small place, it doesn't mean your expectations for yourself have to be small. So dream big and believe because anything is possible! But the development for greatness begins within yourself!"

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The CRE was founded on the premise that together we can build a generation of leaders that will redefine and strengthen existing relationships between Canada's peoples. This is a national process that walks the talk, and truly believes in and has activated the idea that ‘exchanges unite us’ across Canada. It is a youth-led initiative that targets Canadians between the ages of 18-30, giving them access to experiential knowledge and intercultural participation that will build new understandings between college and university students and Aboriginal youth and their communities.