Krystian Fikert


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Name: Krystian Fikert
Organization: MyMind
Title: Chief Executive Officer
Krystian moved to Dublin in 2004 and began researching mental health services in Ireland. He discovered that non-nationals were not accessing support services due to language barriers and lack of information about how to navigate the system. He began volunteering as a psychologist in 2006. He is now a multi-award winning social entrepreneur as himself and his team of nearly 60 mental health professionals have already looked after over 10 thousand lives in over 15 different languages.

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Jul 23, 2011 / 0 Comments / in At risk youth, Gay Rights, Mental health, Wellness, Social enterprise

Ultimately we aim to change how mental health services are provided in Ireland by demonstrating a more effective model of support (in terms of social impact and cost-effectiveness), thus influencing how mental health services are delivered in Ireland. Research has shown how early intervention provides faster positive outcomes for clients and at a significantly lower cost. This self-referral model of mental health empowers the client and equips them with valuable tools going forward.

Online mental health support available to clients in various languages.
First steep to positive mental health.

The centre is innovative as it is based on a community based social model of psychological support, open access to psychological services and support in different languages.