Lloyd Hosken


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Name: Lloyd Hosken
Organization: REAF
Website: http://www.reaf.org.nz
Title: Director
We offer a live in marine educational service that leads people through a graduated series of experiences that ultimately lead them to form stronger bonds with our marine world and an empathy for sustainable use of marine resources. Personally I feel a very strong connection when fishing a reef area that was sponsored and built by my family in memory of our deceased father. Mostly I would like people to feel a sense of reverence for the oceans and its life within, and thankfulness for all that it provides. From such a point of commonality I believe sustainable solutions for the use of our marine world would follow. In conjunction with the local regional Council, Environment Bay of Plenty, we pioneered a system whereby groups and local fishermen could build and deploy small effective reefs on otherwise poor ecology seabed. Simultaneously a mind-mapping educational resource was developed to lead to sustainable use of the new fisheries resource created.

Challenge Entries

As many involved with artificial reef building have discovered, growing more fish in the sea is relatively straight forward. Our physical contribution here has been to develop 'reef initiation' so that it can be achieved by fishermen building effective reefs on limited ecology seabeds, working out of their own smaller boats without the need for divers.(Conditions near to the seabed in many coastal areas often have near zero visibility)