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Every minute a woman dies from complications related to pregnancy or childbirth; 99% of them in developing countries. MADRE’s partner organization, Midwives for Peace, is part of the solution to this major global health problem. This grassroots group of Palestinian and Israeli midwives are committed to their profession and to peace. They are piloting a project to reduce maternal and infant mortality in Palestine. Our midwifery trainings and "safe delivery kits” enable women to have healthy deliveries.

MADRE and our partners, Midwives for Peace, are piloting a project focusing on midwives using skin-to-skin methods with newborns in Palestine and Israel. We have reduced maternal and infant mortality using "safe delivery kits" that enable Palestinian women who are in labor to deliver safely at home with the assistance of trained midwives. This reduces the risks of complications arising from delays at Israeli military roadblocks and checkpoints while women are en route to area hospitals.