Majid El Jarroudi


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Name: Majid El Jarroudi
Organization: Adive - French Diversity in Entrepreneurship
Title: Managing director

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Mar 09, 2016 / 0 Comments / in Economic development

Over the past few years, tremendous progress has been made in the field of diversity in bringing employment and business creation opportunities to people in underprivileged areas. However, these neighborhoods remain excluded from one of the biggest economic development opportunities: every year, big companies spend billions of Euros in procurement, but keep discriminating against local entrepreneurs who not have the right networks nor the right reputation.

We want every entrepreneur to have the same chances of success – whatever his/ her background is or wherever his/her enterprise is located. We want each large company to create transformative shared value and to radically transform their purchase practices. We want them to go beyond business as usual to become powerful changemakers and face one of the most pressing issue we have in France: minorities empowerment and economic development of disadvantaged areas. Our vision boils down to one single sentence: we want jobs to be created in underprivileged areas.