Maria Stamataki


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Name: Maria Stamataki
Organization: Brace
Title: Caring for Carers
As a professional family & drug addiction field therapist, Maria Stamataki used to deal with the burden of caregivers. When she came across the Marte Meo method, she knew that through such an effective tool, change of caregivers' everyday life was possible. The journey had begun. She started offering educational programs on Marte Meo. The constantly increasing number of certified professionals with eagerness and dedication to Marte Meo was decisive for the birth of Brace. Yet, the vision was about to evolve. As Maria was searching for ways to explain to her son the multiple dimensions of poverty, she was led to Aflatoun. She immediately realized that Brace should expand its impact by intervention in the field of child poverty prevention.

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May 11, 2014 / 27 Comments / in Aging, Child care, Education, Vulnerable populations

Brace Social Coop acts on supporting caregivers to develop empathic, secure relationships and positive connection with caretakers and minimize burn out risk through the Marte Meo program. Furthermore, supports children avoid poverty by building social and financial skills through Aflatoun program.