Mark Beanland


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Name: Mark Beanland
Organization: Mark Beanland
Title: Initiator
Born in Denmark with an American father - traveler, entrepreneur. Kind soul. I run a one-man company that acts as a playground and a window to the world. I work with systemic consultation and organizational development, facilitation, project management and leadership, but... My passion is to create and host learning journeys within sustainability, education and leadership - I have created a seires of relevant project within this frame, among other things leadership seminars using nature as a backdrop, a youth and elders project and a learning journey about alternative education. I also initiated a research project into teachings around transformational change. I co-authored a book about social innovation in the summer of 2008 and I have broad theoretical and practical knowledge around innovation and creative processes. And I studdied at the KaosPilots International, a world renowned business college in Denmark that teaches social entrepreneurship, leadership and complex process consultation.

Challenge Entries

Empowering change makers by providing them with a setting to reconnect with their personal essence.

A venture to start ripples in our global culture and to engage and commit youth and elders to collaborate around social initiatives.