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Name: Marlon Parker
Organization: RLabs
Title: Founder
After hearing IT was an “up and coming” profession, Marlon decided to study IT. He was able to finish his bachelors and honors degrees in IT without owning a computer. Marlon understood the potential of using IT to design social innovations for community change. He mobilized 14 of his friends, who were mostly ex-gang members and drug dealers, and asked the University of Cape Town to use the computer lab to provide ICT lessons to them. Many people, especially the youth, wanted to learn more about IT. Given the high demand, in 2009 Marlon registered RLabs as a not for profit organization.

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Mar 09, 2016 / 0 Comments / in Education

Marlon is using information technology to reach out to vulnerable youth and help them design practical technology-based solutions that address social challenges in their communities. In the process, they improve their employability, create opportunities for self-employment and for improving their regain a sense of belonging and hope for a better future.

RLabs is reintroducing hope into communities by teaching young people to transform their lives through the use of technology. By creating information technology hubs, young people are able to become leaders of change and create employment opportunities for themselves and others.