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Name: Matt Traverso
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Title: Reverse Your Diabetes
Gestational Diabetes Gestational diabetes is usually a temporary form of diabetes that can occur after the 24th week of pregnancy. Gestational diabetes occurs under the influence of the hormones produced during pregnancy. Those hormones because the body responds to insulin temporarily reduced. With insulin the body keeps blood sugar in balance. During normal pregnancy, the body produces extra insulin. That captures the temporary reduced sensitivity to insulin. In gestational diabetes that does not happen, or not enough, causing the blood sugar level is too high. <a href="">Click Home Page</a> An estimated one in twenty pregnant women have to deal with gestational diabetes. Diabetes Type 1 Someone with diabetes type 1 insulin makes itself no more. Without insulin, the body cannot maintain normal blood sugar levels and may increase that dangerously high. Diabetes Type 1 usually occurs in a short time and generally in people under thirty years. Therefore called diabetes type 1 once called "juvenile diabetes." But we now know that you can get it at any age. Diabetes Type 2 In diabetes type 2, the body can no longer keep blood sugar in balance. Due to a lack of the hormone insulin into the body. Furthermore, the body does not respond properly to insulin. That is called "insulin resistance." Without properly functioning insulin, the body cannot get enough sugar from the blood. The blood sugar remains too high. In addition, lipid metabolism and blood pressure often disrupted.

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