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Name: Maysoun Gangat
Growing up in occupied Palestine without her father who was killed in the 1967 war, Maysoun hardly has any recollection of him. She was raised by a very strong mother who refused to re-marry and opted to raise her four children alone. This could be the experience of any Palestinian family or child, but Maysoun was taught to defy all obstacles and find creative ways to overcome them. Failure was not an option in her upbringing. Given her mother’s example living as a pillar of strength, Maysoun learned to believe in the power of women in society, what they are capable of, and that education can be a starting tool kit for a successful public and private life. Maysoun moved on from her childhood in Jerusalem, characterized by the difficulties of living under occupation, to explore abroad and pursue her university studies in France and the United States. She then worked at the South African Representative Office in Ramallah and learned from the South African experience and their struggle. After marrying a South African Diplomat, she started her career in media in South Africa, while raising a boy Adam who is now 6-years-old. Even though Maysoun could have continued living abroad, she chose to move her family to Palestine so that she can do something to give back to her country. In 2005, she started “RAM FM,” the first English radio station in Palestine. Unfortunately, it was closed down in 2008 by the Israeli government and Maysoun along with five other colleagues were arrested. After her release, Maysoun fought to continue her work and started NISAA FM in 2009. Maysoun is not only a courageous woman with exceptional passion and a strong set of ethical values from her mother, but she is also a successful media professional who has won the attention of many in the field. Maysoun was honoured by the Palestinian Ministry of Women’s Affairs and invited to several regional and international events to present her radio outlet and its achievements including the Women’s Forum in Deauville in October 2010 and the International Conference of Women Media Leaders in Washington D.C. in March, 2011. Maysoun was also selected by Synergos as an Arab Social Innovator in 2011.

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Oct 09, 2013 / 0 Comments / in Citizen participation, Media

ثابرت ميسون عوده جانجات على بدء أول محطة راديو نسائية تجارية باللغة العربية وموقع ويب في منطقة المشرق العربي، وتسمى 96 NISAA FM (وتعني النساء). تمكّن النساء في وسائل الإعلام وخلالها. توفر ميسون منصة لكل الممثلين (في المجال العام والخاص والحكومي) لمناقشة قضايا المرأة وتشارك الرجال والنساء بشكل مبتكر في مناقشات تهدف لإيجاد حلول للمسائل الملحة المتعلقة بالنساء.

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Maysoun Odeh Gangat a persévéré afin de faire naître la première station -et site internet- de radio féminine en arabe au Moyen-Orient, baptisée 96 NISAA FM (ce qui signifie "femmes"). Elle donne ainsi plus de poids aux femmes dans, et à travers, les médias. Maysoun propose une plateforme pour tous acteurs (publique, privé et gouvernement) afin de débattre les problèmes des femmes en engageant, de manière créative, les hommes et les femmes dans des débats à la recherche de solutions aux problèmes les plus urgents liés aux femmes.

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Maysoun Odeh Gangat started the first commercial Arabic-language women’s radio station and website in the Levant region, called 96 NISAA FM. She is empowering women through the media. Maysoun provides a platform for all actors to discuss women’s issues and creatively engages both men and women.