Wabula Pierre


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Name: Wabula Pierre
Organization: DẼMOS KRATIA
Website: http://www.cultureofwisdom.webs.com
Title: Chief Executive Officer
The health problems due to attitudes endanger the life of children aged less than five years in low-income families in the world. In rural DRC, for example, the high level of poverty among young parents in rural DRC gives rise to food insecurity and low access to means of improving income generation. This makes it difficult for most rural young mothers to respond to their basic needs and the needs of their children. These families become trapped within a sort of vicious cycle of sickness, treatment, and relapse, in which the true problem is more than the disease --- it’s the underlying poverty. In 2011, Pierre realized that the poor in the villages needed above all else to be given confidence in themselves and to be reinforced in ability. Compelled to make a diffence, he founded Dẽmos Kratia in 2012. Dẽmos Kratia means ''force of the people for the people by the people''. To establish the relationships with the people, Pierre went to Kitangi village in 2013. Kitangi is his native village. It is located in the East of DRC. After his arrival he had 8 weeks in which to suggest the launch of a village service by low-income families at village level. He utilized this time in consulting the community. Each Sunday he spoke in churches and in homes to the people about the service, and told all who wished to enter the service to come and see him where he was lodged. About fifteen young unemployed people came and together with them he elaborated a list of topics of teachings related to village service: water, sanitation, hygiene, nutrition, eco-friendly agriculture, and rural industry. This was really how Village Service by young unemployed people began in Kitangi village in the areas of water, sanitation, and hygiene. To date Pierre is looking for the teachers and the funds to begin the teachings in the areas of nutrition, eco-friendly agriculture, and rural industry.

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Oct 31, 2013 / 0 Comments / in Food, Health care, Health education, Sanitation

Young people’s potentialities are a crucial element for the improvement of the quality of their own life and the life of others. The present initiative focuses on raising the conscience of 15 unemployed young people about better health. This contributes to the preparation for life in remote regions.

Persuading foresters to abandon old agricultural practices of chopping down and burning forests and empowering the them to get plenty of food through agroecological approaches and precision farming, will reduce environmental degradation, malnutrition and poverty in DR Congo.

Feb 16, 2012 / 0 Comments / in Health education

The title of this innovation has been that the programs of heath in rural areas should be for wholistic solutions in the way they meet heath problems.The objectives of this project are : to promote the practice of cleanliness in order to render heathy the consumable and environment of people, to train the youth about income generation through agriculture ,and to help communities inmprove their lands in order to produce and consume more food in such a way that people may be capable of planning the nutrition of large numbers of individuals.

MFH is an organization that gives people confidence in their ability to organize their own programs intended for combating disease.