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Name: Merin Erdaw
Organization: Animal Feeds P.L.C
Title: Feed from Waste
Ethiopia is known to be the habitat of livestock standing first in Africa and 9th in the world by 53 million cattle, 25 million sheep and 23 million goats. But, controversially, the milk and meat consumption per capita is lowest in the world; < 30 liters/year and <10 kg/year respectively. This situation has been burning me and made me unrest. It led me to commit myself in contributing my best to reduce such said to be chronic problem or paradox. I innovate a new way of getting animal feeds by reusing or recycling the Vegetable and fruits residues removed as useless in retailer shops, juice houses, cafe and restaurants, hotels, supermarkets etc. Why I have been influenced with this idea is that as a matter of fact Ethiopia has huge and growing fruit and vegetable production. Considerable amount of fruit and vegetable Wastes; about 2500 quintals a day is disposed to open landfill to pollut the ground and the atmosphere.

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Oct 31, 2013 / 0 Comments / in Recycling, Environment, Sustainable agriculture, Waste

Animal Feeds Sources and Processing, Fruit and Vegetable Waste Utilization and recycle for Feed production, Providing Proceed Concentrate feeds made from Fruit and Vegetable Wastes for Smallholders with Affordable price, Supporting Livestock Industry in Quality and quantity production.