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Name: Mia Sutanto
Organization: Asosiasi Ibu Menyusui Indonesia (Indonesian Breastfeeding Mothers' Association)
Website: http://www.aimi-asi.org
Title: founder, chairwoman
History of Involvement in Breastfeeding Following the birth of my first daughter in 2004, I experienced various personal challenges in carrying out my role as a breastfeeding mother. Even though I was big on determination and support from my husband and family, sadly I lacked relevant and necessary information in order to be able to breastfeed successfully. In addition to that, I was clueless on who to turn to for help and skilled assistance during those difficult times. As a result, my first daughter was not exclusively breastfed, did not receive timely complementary feeding and only continued to breastfeed until 10 months old. Two years after that, my sister gave birth and I helped her to breastfeed her baby. It felt really good and so satisfying. I wanted to learn more about helping others to breastfeed. On January 2007, I enrolled in the lactation counselor training program based on the 40 hour WHO module, and held by the Indonesian Breastfeeding Center. Shortly after completing my training, I joined with the only breastfeeding mothers mailing list, ASIFORBABY, and started to give counseling and teaching private lactation classes. Not long after that, together with other concerned breastfeeding mothers from the mailing list ASIFORBABY, we established the Indonesian Breastfeeding Mothers' Association on April 21st, 2007.

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Initially in Jakarta and now in a growing number of Indonesian cities, Mia is organizing mother-to-mother support groups that are encouraging mothers to opt for and helping them succeed in breastfeeding their children in accordance with international norms endorsed by the Indonesian government. Through those support groups and related advocacy activities, she is making important inroads in combating malnutrition—a major cause of infant and child mortality in Indonesia.

The only organization in Indonesia specifically tailored by, from and for breastfeeding mothers. Promoting, protecting and supporting breastfeeding.