Michele Baron


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Name: Michele Baron
Organization: self - volunteer
Title: project innovator/ developer/ volunteer; artist; author; trainer
Currently located in Kyrgyzstan; have lived, and developed/worked on sustainability, resilience, heritage-knowledge, living arts, and entrepreneurial projects in nations including: Senegal, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Morocco

Challenge Entries

Mobile Garden Carts are designed to provide a sustainable gardening/composting/watering system for resource-poor individuals, families, and communities in urban (and rural) settings. Depending upon the needs of the community, Mobile Garden Carts can be constructed entirely or partially from reclaimed/recycled materials, in any appropriate dimension/capacity to support container and/or hydroponic gardening both on the base platform and suspended from the raised framework, and to support, as appropriate, a composting container-system on a sub-platform base.

Energy-producing/storing exercise equipment, inclusive ability/needs levels; with internet game-information global hookups, in Airports, Public Malls, Tourist sites, Libraries, Museums, bus/train stations, waiting areas, bus/train/Mass Transit vehicles/systems, wherever people gather, can donate power, and globally connect while exercising, sustaining global community and green Transit habits.