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Name: Mikko Perälä
Organization: TopSpot Ltd & CubiCasa Ltd & SisuBase Ltd & Few Others
Website: http://www.topspot.fi
Title: Serial Social Entrepreneur
I believe that change starts from within. And to ignite the change in yourself you have to be exposed to something out of ordinary. That extraordinary thing can be something as simple as meeting another person from different origins. When two people meet and interact with each other then change is bound to happen. Both start to see things from another point of view. I am a specialist in moving people around. Taking them from one place to another and make them exposed to new ideas, cultures, climate and people. Sometimes I think myself as a spider that spins webs between people. I try to do it as secretly as possible. Sometimes people do not even notice what happened! I passionately want people to start placing their own interests and needs in the background and concentrate on bigger issues than their own personal gain. Through education and fight against ignorance we can do it. Its a long road and I will not be here to see the end of it. But it is as important to start things up as to finish them. I started my first company in the early 00s by accident. I decided to work in Bangladesh, got fired 3 days before even got there, found some nice people and started up a software company called Codemate Ltd. Now many years later that company has become pretty big and it employs people in 3 different countries. And because of that accident, a dozen of other companies have been started. Accidents happen! I like to call myself Serial Social Entrepreneur. The two most important projects I am running currently are companies called TopSpot and CubiCasa's initiative A Million Plans for Humanity. Excited to see how many lives we can change!

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Nov 05, 2013 / 2 Comments / in Employment, Poverty alleviation, Women's issues, Sustainability

We are empowering underprivileged women through technology: We have a simple product, a floor plan of a real-estate, and a tool that can make anyone a floor plan designer after short training. Even uneducated and illiterate ones. Our goal is to create at least a million (floor) plans for humanity.

MyAwayTeam.org is an online service for all the amateur players out there who want to go play their beloved sport in another culture, in another country. MyAwayTeam -service connects low-level amateur players and low-level amateur teams online. Not only Cristiano Ronaldo gets to go to cool new places to play football anymore! Also YOU can!

MyAwayTeam is a non-profit service. Its’ idea is to create cross-cultural interaction and friendship over the borders through sports.