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Mohammad Amr

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Name: Mohammad Amr
Organization: Kaizen for biomedical industries
Title: CEO & founder
A graduated engineer who was capable of establishing his own company ( Kaizen for biomedical industry) and is going to grow it up until it becomes one of the greatest production companies among the world. - Biography: ------------------ - 2012-2013 Head of the organizational development and a member of the high-board of Fugineers student organization at Helwan University - 2012-2013 a member of student activities and trips committee at the student union of the Faculty of engineering at Helwan University - 2011-2012 the Head of Fundraising committee at Fugineers student organization at Helwan university faculty of Engineering 2011 Established my own startup (Kaizen) for producing clinical laboratory and biomedical products - 2010-2011 participated in robocon competition and robotics student organization - 2010-2011 a member in the sports committee of the student union of the Faculty of engineering at Helwan university - 2010-2011 Co-founder of the first electoral list after the Egyptian revolution (Soot El-Kolyah) - 2008-2010 Founder and a member of Bedayet Hayah team for life coaching and Human development which was certified from the Australian academy for Human development - 2008-2009 worked as the a network marketer for DMG company - 2008-2009 Member of the youth committee at cairo sporting club At the preparatory and Secondary school i was the president of the student union and represented the school & the educational geographic area in many cultural and religious competitions

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Jun 26, 2014 / 0 Comments / in Business, Health care, Social enterprise, Trade

Kaizen is established to produce clinical laboratory products with the best quality, price and just in time according to the voice of the customer to over come the problem of importing these high prices or low quality products in Africa and the MENA region.