Monty Bencz


Name: Monty Bencz
Uses of Graphic Design in Brand Building If you would like your business to be readily recognisable, excellent graphic design is a vital business service to put money into. People are naturally visual and react to images a lot more quickly than to written text. The secret to developing good company branding lies in an integrated strategy, applying memorable layout to all of your promotional materials, products and stationery, and to your whole web presence, so that prospective customers can instantly recognise your brand. There's more to successful design than simply producing a fantastic logo, though that's a fantastic place to start. Logo : The first place most folks begin when designing their brand, the logo is a symbol that aims to express a business's values, ideology and soul, all in a single memorable pocket-sized image. That is where graphic design meets vision and instinct, to catch the feel of the brand. It's imperative to get this right, since the remainder of the graphic design and brand building grows out of here. A growing number of companies are employing innovative graphic design to create their business cards stick out from the crowd and to differentiate their brand. The exact same is true for your stationery and other printed materials. Good designers will create an entire design package which applies a distinctive integrated look to your brand. Packaging: While different products will have different packaging design requirements it's very important that the total design ties in with your company brand for immediate recognition. Great graphic designers will create a brand identity for your packaging, while designing different appearances to distinguish unique products and product lines. Website: Nowadays your business website is often a first point of contact for potential customers, so it's essential that the design reflects your corporate identity in addition to looking attractive. It is all too easy to place the appearance and design component before user experience in web design, so know about this. Always be sure the site is easy to navigate and simple to read, in addition to having fantastic design.