Moshe Flam

Moshe Flam

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Name: Moshe Flam
Organization: Retzef Industries Ltd
Title: Owner
Used to be: Please see Please see Specialties: Inventor and Innovator. Technical leadership in ecology and sustainable systems, including deep understanding of the physics and engineering involved. Also vast experience in cutting edge technologies of Information Technology, programming and Digital Signal Processing. Good skills in leadership and management. Vast experience in alternative education, and dealing with children and youth. I am also a musician, perfomer and story-teller.

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Nov 12, 2013 / 1 Comments / in Eco Products, Ecology, Recycling, Sustainability

Need a clean spoon? Take a dirty one, stick it in the spoon washer, and its clean!

Done with the spoon? Stick it in the spoon washer for the next person.

No need for a big dish washer!

No need for plastic spoons!