Nathaniel Shikongo


Name: Nathaniel Shikongo
Organization: NUTPROX cc
Title: Self Employed

Challenge Entries

Sep 05, 2010 / 0 Comments / in Citizen participation, Education reform

Establishment of SME Library in all of the African countires ,the SME library will provide ICT ,Information,InerAfrica Trade, books , Training Program ,Loans, Continental SME database ,B2B , interAction between SME from different African coutnries .Creating a true African platform for Public Individuals and Enterpreneurs with SME Companies from Africa ,by bringing them at the Library as members

My idea is to help unemployed young people in Namibia to gain skills . they are going to learn one skill on how to make one product through learning in a form of a workshop for two to three weeks . they are then expected to produce that specific product for a market and earn income and creating jobs . unemployment in Namibia is 51% which is mostly young people . OYOP shops will market produce

The idea is to set up a publication in Africa which is going to write stories about people who are 60 years , 70 years , 80 years , 90 years , 100 years and more ( the older generation ) . A magazine for African elders.