Nesseley U. Louisville


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Name: Nesseley U. Louisville
Organization: Embassy of Suriname in Paris, France
Title: 1st Secretary Tourism and Trade Development
My profession puts me in the unique position to positively contribute to the scale, as we look to find that equilibrium between economy and ecology. I have thus far been permitted to do my part by assisting with the creation of specific policies for government as well as in applied initiatives for the private sector and sectoral strategies for sustainable development. Suriname as part of the Caribbean and South America, the Garden of Eden to the world When dealing with economic development using natural resources, I want people in Suriname to realize that it is possible to sustainably make use of the very thing that needs protection, and make a decent living off of it too... Identification of usage, zoning, planning and a good budget can guarantee the sustainability and longevity of practically anything. The change I passionately want to happen for my country is; 1. for Nature, culture and heritage conservationists, private businesses and governement to join forces in creating a Sustainable Tourism Masterplan that can be implemented at all levels of the tourism value chain and allow private secotr growth that contributes to the GDP while at the same time ensure protection and conservation of our natural, cultural and historical resources. 2. for integral realization that true sustainable tourism develpment requires feasible and environmentally sound standards at all levels of industry and service sectors 3. for installation of a national tourism board 4. for a revolving fund for education and training scolarships and loans, to ensure proper human resources for implementation of the tourism masterplan I worked for STINASU (the dutch abbreviation for the Foundation for Nature Conservation in Suriname) for almost 6 years. I started as communications officer, was promoted to head of the Tourism Department in 2005, and was head of Planning and Project Development until 2007. My main areas of expertise are sustainable tourism management and nature conservation policy making/project development. In 2008 and 2009 I did two terms of projectwork for Peace Corps Suriname. After that I served as the Chief of Staff with STS, the Suriname Tourism Foundation. I am currently the 1st Secretary for Tourism and Trade Development at the Embassy of Suriname in Paris.

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This proposal is a rehabilitation project which will ensure conservation of Suriname's natural, historical and cultural heritage through green economic development.

Far outside the Netherlands, but nevertheless of dominantly Dutch origin is the historic inner city of Paramaribo in South American Suriname. This UNESCO World Heritage Site (since 2002) is one of the most beautiful and well kept wooden cities in the world. However, its future sometimes seems unsure: some buildings are neglected, a few of them burned down and remaining as a ruin or are replaced by modern constructions.