Nicholas Carlisle

Nicholas Carlisle

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Name: Nicholas Carlisle
Organization: No Bully
Title: Executive Director
Nicholas Carlisle is an attorney, psychotherapist and the executive director of No Bully. Having experienced firsthand the reality of bullying in the middle years at school, he is committed to creating school cultures where every child feels included and valued by their peers. Nicholas graduated with a bachelors and masters degree from Oxford University, qualified as a lawyer with a human rights focus and was chairman of the non-profit section of Amnesty International in Britain. He researched with Professor Eric Rofes the effects of school bullying (published in 2007 in the Journal of Traumatology). Nicholas is a seasoned conference speaker, expert witness and commentator on school bullying for NPR and other radio stations across the country.

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Student bullying is epidemic across industrialized nations worldwide, involving approximately 30% of students. It causes its targets physical, cognitive and emotional distress, marginalizes diverse youth and leads its targets to commit suicide and school shootings. Unless schools intervene promptly and effectively, the result is student disengagement and long-term mental health challenges, which impact school performance and impede students from ever reaching their lifetime potential.

No Bully partners with schools to implement innovative and sustainable solutions to student bullying.