Name: NJC InE
Organization: National Junior College
Website: http://www.njc.edu.sg

Challenge Entries

The project is aimed to maintain a healthy society in the fast moving world. The teddy bear coochie -woochie, our new best friend is a kind of robot but with a soft skin/fur which can understand feelings. It has the ability to have conversations. So a person who is feeling lonely can have a discussion with the teddy. this would help him to vent out his pent-a-feeling and thus make him feel better.

Elderly with problems walking will use the walking stick or the umbrella to aid them in their walking. When it is raining, they are not able to shelter themselves if they are using only the walking stick or support themselves if they are only using the umbrella at the same time. Thus, we are creating an umbre-walking stick that has both functions and reduce the chances of them injuring themselves.

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A SexTEE initiative that will provide 20% of the proceeds to teenage sex community toll-free helplines. The rest will go into operation costs and future innovation plans.

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To recycle past pieces of paper homework by students and create new stationary for students from these recycled homework.

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In many developing countries all over the world, the deterioration of maternal health has been a cause for concern. There are several reasons due to which women suffer during the process of childbirth. These include lack of proper medical facilities, lack of infrastructure and lack of information. Our idea focuses on improving the infrastructure of hospitals in the rural areas in the People's Republic of China.

According to the latest statistics by WHO , 585,000 women of reproductive age die every year due to complications of pregnancy , and 99 % of the deaths occurs in the developing countries ! So keeping in mind the present condition of maternal health in the developing countries , I would like to focus on such a nation which is none other than the sovereign secular and democratic republic of India .

Mar 16, 2010 / 0 Comments / in Health care, Health education, Infant health, Maternal health

To deal with the problem of lack of accessibility of maternal healthcare to Africans, we came out with a proposal, Mobile Maternal Health Clinic for Women, whereby maternal healthcare services can be conveniently available to Africans. The mobile clinic is in fact a bus that is well-facilitated with the basic maternal healthcare services, operated by well-trained medical professionals. The Mobile Clinic will drop by village by village at stipulated timings. Villagers are notified of the timings when the Mobile Clinic would arrive, so that they can do their check-ups conveniently.

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