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Name: Nsima Nseobong Asuquo
Organization: NewCreation Global
Website: http://www.successyouthinternational.webs.com
Title: Professional Associate
Nsima Nseobong Asuquo is a changemaker, He has volunteered for positive services to his community and the world at large. His efforts, has helped to put an end to child abuse, women violence and HIV prevalence through his street campaigns and awareness programs. He is a graduate of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka where he studied Industrial/Production Engineering. He did his youth service (NYSC) at Taraba State Nigeria where he served his fatherland. He has many certifications in human resource management, entrepreneurship and skill acquisition courses. His passion to be an active agent for positive change in his community has inspired him to be involve in social projects and awareness programs. He has pioneered so many projects such as training youth on skills acquisition and entrepreneurship, he has organized awareness programs on HIV/AIDs, Sensitization on MDGs etc. Our society can take the change we desire if you take a bold step no matter how small it is.

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CEONAG is the foremost and fastest growing entrepreneurial and empowerment system in the world. We build highly influential and world most powerful entrepreneurs. We are highly disciplined, committed to our work. We keep our words and contribute to financial freedom.

NewCreation Global is a vision for developing and empowering entrepreneurs.We are changing that wrong mindset of seeking for corporate jobs immediately after graduation. All that you need to create wealth and be financially free is idea.We are focusing on education, entrepreneurship and empowerment.

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It is a project that focuses on making the primary, secondary and university students to be entrepreneurs, relevant and employable in the society.

The project exposes these students to the real practical aspects of their classroom learning.
My Skills for Change discovers the talent of the students, train them through several approaches and get them established.

It is a project that takes the school to industrial base system of professional training and learning through the parent-child approach.

community heart to heart centers and personalized systems gives informed decisions and proper health information to all, provide solutions to ill-health issues.

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in my community,people cannot do without garri.so i strongly believe that if i succede in establishing this industry in my community,the problem of child trafficking,women violence,kidnapping will stop.currently there is no such industry in my community,they only import this product thereby making it difficult and expensive.my community must survive with this great enterprise