Ofra Balaban

Ofra Balaban

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Name: Ofra Balaban
Organization: CHEN - Patient Fertility Association
Website: http://www.amotatchen.org
Title: Chairperson of CHEN Patient Fertility Association

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The condom is not only for pregnancy prevents – it prevents STD’s as well as Hepatitis and HIV-AIDS. This project main goal is to increase awareness to STD’s and HIV-AIDS prevention as well as to reduce future infertility.

Jul 05, 2014 / 1 Comments / in Education

This project main goal is to increase awareness to STD’s and HIV-AIDS prevention. Youth in Israel as well as in the other parts of the globe are doing sex. In many cases the youth do not aware of the HIV-AIDS problem and other STD’s that might spread if a condom is not used. We in CHEN – Patient Fertility Association see the immediate connection between infertility and STD including HIV-AIDS. We also teach proper sexual behavior to youth since we want to prevent violent relations between boys and girls.

Apr 09, 2014 / 0 Comments / in Behavioral issues, Education

STD diseases (HIV and others) couse infertility and we teach high school pupils to use a condom and save their health and fertility for the future.

The project of a cooking workshop to support patients under infertility treatments is unique and we are the only association that use it in this manner - 4 hours cooking meetings for infertile couples. The rate of success double itself and it was the best result we could offer.

The only problem we face is the budget for more groups.

We are NGO that support infertile people and have a prevention project for high school pupils to prevent infertility as much as we can.

We are fully volunteered NGO. Our mession is to assist patients under infertility treatments. But we also educate youth trying to prevent infertility.

A cooking workshop for infertile couples under infertility treatments. A special support group.

Fertility treatments are a big shame and difficulties. I order to assist and support the couples and gathered them and create a support group we opened a workshop for cooking. The couples gathered for a cooking workshop leading by a CHEF and through it, by a 4 hours meetings a support group is creating. So we cook and speak and help the couples to cope with infertility difficulties.

In developing countries in East Europe or Africa fertility treatment such IVF (in vitro fertilization) is in very bad shape/ only few doctors can have a private clinics. We wish to train young doctors and laboratory experts in Israel and to assist them to establish more private and public clinics for the communities they belong to.

Infertility is a cross border, cross religion, cross nations problem. For the third year a football cup for children age 10 initiated to deepened awareness to fertility treatments and the desire for creating a family among couples - ALL COUPLES. The children that play demonstrate the so called 'product" of fertility treatments.