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Name: Pascal Ah-Yu
Organization: Monash University
Title: Student
Current: *Studying Bachelor of Business at Monash Majors: Marketing/Management and Economics/Finance -Faculty of Business and Economics 2014 Ambassador Program-Mentor -Faculty Student Forum Panel (Monash Business School 2014-2017) -EQUIS Student Panel (EFMD Quality Improvement System) Completed: *Project Management Fundamentals (Monash Short course)-PMP® Cert III in Business (Upskill-Talent 2) Cert IV in Business (Upskill-Talent 2) Previous: Studied Bachelor of Architecture at Deakin University (Completed 2yrs)

Challenge Entries

The fitness industry is booming in Australia. The Australian government is making a significant effort to encourage Australians to adopt a healthier lifestyle, resulting in a greater demand for fitness products and services.
How can we generate income from fitness and help fight poverty?

The idea is to provide a free education course about landfill management to people living in slums and how they can improve the well being of its citizens. An introduction of the concept of Eco-bins is also to be implemented in order to reach to a macro-environmental impact sustainability.

Jul 11, 2014 / 0 Comments / in Eco Products, Environment, Green business, Pollution

Like the 'GreenButts' idea, the 'GBCG-Green Biodregradable Chewing Gum' is a concept biodregradable Chewing Gum that contains wild flower seeds. Upon consumption and thrown away, the chewing gum will disintegrate itself and produce a plant.

Jul 11, 2014 / 0 Comments / in Infant health, Rural development, Sanitation, Travel and tourism

Hygiene has become one of the greatest dilemma in India, especially in slums areas. In order to combat diseases and other health related matter, I want to create the 'RSD- Reusable Sanitary Diaper' which is a diaper that targets sanitary issues.

The development and installation of a sea water air conditioning system in Melbourne – The low-carbon technology lowers building cooling costs by using cold ocean water. The process involved pumping cold sea water from offshore depth that will go through heat-exchange at a cooling facility.

The conceptual idea is to open up a creative Café named 'Edu4Community' for youths. The idea behind this Café is to create an opportunity for young female adults to express themselves artistically, and to use their imagination to channel their feelings and thoughts while they go through adulthood.

Jun 25, 2014 / 0 Comments / in Environment, Education, Rural development, Sustainability

Our aim is to educate a new generation of responsible individuals who will look ahead of a better future in Liberia as well as underdeveloped countries. Through the introduction of our Edu4Society APP, we aim at thriving education to society, which will eventually promote innovation and growth.