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Name: Positive Voice
Positive Voice is the association of PLHIV in Greece. It was founded in 2009 to halt the HIV epidemic and limit the socioeconomic effects to PLHIV. Positive Voice works to ensure that PLHIV and the most at risk groups have access to the best possible treatment and care, information and social services. We strive to promote social justice and make sure that people living with HIV don’t suffer the negative effects of stigma, such as discrimination, risk of losing their jobs and health services providers’ denial of services. We try to provide proper information to both people living with HIV and the general population, with emphasis to MSM and IDUs, since these groups constitute the largest percentage of people affected by HIV. We want to make sure that health care providers and government officials handle HIV/AIDS matters properly, with respect and according to human rights. We also work to put the HIV/AIDS agenda on the radar of the scientific society, media, municipal agents and parliamentarians.

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Ath Checkpoint is an HIV prevention center located in Athens, for men who have sex with men. It is designed to offer counseling and information about safer sex, rapid testing for HIV and linkage to health care services in case of a reactive (positive) result. At the Ath Checkpoint you can take a free and anonymous saliva test for HIV as well as counseling for safer sex practices