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Name: prince Amadichukwu
Organization: T-Natal Foundation
Title: Youth mentorship, facilitation and development

Challenge Entries

This project creates a customized learning approach and access to technology,media literacy training and information sharing.

Future without poverty aims to liberates people from poverty and empowers them with knowledge through Broad band technology opportunities that improve the lives of homeless,drug addicts and reformed armed young militia men in Niger Delta region of Nigeria with enabling innovation,next generation services, service providers, more competitive and leadership skills and experiences by identifying and generating Broad brand,ICT and Mobile training.

This project seeks to prioritize and mainstream global mandate, Provision(s) and initiative(s) promoting access to land and protecting security of tenure, rights and the guarantee against arbitrary deprivation among women, children, Minority, Migrants and the displaced often ignored on certain basis, by creating various levels of recognition and obligation on the part of States.

This solution is timely to boost trade, goods, services and products from low income to substantive large income generation trading through the acquiring and utilization of available local and international resources providing substantive micro-credit grants or soft loans to market women who are minor sellers in the rural areas to enable contribute meaningful change to their communities.

Adult Education Village is an undergoing activity with aim of establishing an education center with the aim of giving basic formal basic primary education and training to financially disadvantaged adult market women, widows and orphanage girls in Ogbum-nu-abali Community in Nigeria who have not have such opportunity,thereby filling the gaps that arise as result a reduced or financial limitation from fear, family, health challenge, cultural impurity practices forced labour etc

The digital street project is a pro-poor and pro-youth focused project aimed at encouraging vulnerable youths to empower and transform them positively so they can have access to decent livehood. The project is to impact basic photography, blogging and computer skills to marginalized youths living in the street so their voice can be heard and issues affecting them.

This idea is to engage young girls as agents of change given their higher risk of exposure to HIV to negotiate their way through life and remain HIV negative as Football provides an opportunity to raise awareness among young girls and the community at large. During training, coaches lead discussions about HIV/AIDS. During tournaments, banners, the opening/concluding remarks and half-time shows can all be used to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS among the public.