Title: School Based Peer Sex Education - SPeSE
I am Ndagire Regina Nabikindu currently a student at makerere University persuing a Bachelor's degree in Nursing. Am the newly elected(April 2014) project secretary of Makerere University Nursing Students Association- MUNSA for which i was the publicity secretary in 2011. For the term 2013/2014, i was the Health minister complex hall, my hall of residence at Makerere during which i organized a number of successful health events and during the same time i was the student's mobilizer of Makerere University College of Health Sciences Women Association- CHS-LADIES. From 2011-2013, i have been serving as the vice president Makerere University St. Augustine-Michellex Community, i community i served with commitment and as such i was recognized as an outstanding leader. I enjoy working with and serving people. But more still i have a passion for community work because you get to see different people, with different ways of life and how people be able to cope with life despite the limited resources. It is so inspiring and challenging. And on that note i have experience with various upcountry villages in Uganda which i acquired through project implementations, adventures, et.c. My college runs a community based education program for which i have participated for 3years. It enables students get skills and experience with communities away from school and home.

Challenge Entries

Uganda's conservative culture limits adolescents access to reproductive health information; as a result they rely on misguiding information from their peers and end up falling victims of circumstances. This raises need for a peer oriented education program to equip them with reliable information.