Richard Bachinger


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Name: Richard Bachinger
Organization: OMV
Title: Community Relations Manager
My Mission: Maintain license to operate through transparent, honest and reliable relations with our communities worldwide (Austria, Norway, UK, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, North Iraq, New Zealand and new business in Africa).

Challenge Entries

OMV started a vocational training initiative in Tataouine to improve employability of local people in various industries

- Scarcity of technical and engineering skills on local labor market
- Very high unemployment rate particular among young generation

Nov 24, 2012 / 0 Comments / in At risk youth, Behavioral issues, Youth development

The Libya Youth Center was initiated by OMV to offer the prospect of a more carefree future to children and adolescents who have suffered from acts of war and their consequences in Libya. The primary goal of the center is to enable young people to work through their experiences with professional support.