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Name: Roxanne Martin
Organization: Baby WayNa
Title: Ojibway Children's Books
I'm a change maker because I was raised to make a change and if I don't, I will only let my children fail to succeed and my ancestors lost without answers. I'm currently going to be the first grand child out of eighty five of my cousins thats going to proudly own a Jingle dress. I'm also apart of the Shingwauk Kinoomaage Research Project involving the teachings and productions of the Ojibwa Jingle dress. We will be having a feast and celebration before we dance at our University Pow Wow in March 2012. Just knowing that my family can look up to me and ask me to dance for their own healing is truly a blessing! I'm truly on an amazing journey in life and I want to share everything with the world :) I love being home :) I love my bed and I love my beautiful baby boy and my boyfriend of six beautiful years together. Life is too short and I believe to follow your own dreams and make a difference in peoples lives by providing your own knowledge and talent in a good way. I want world peace! I also want all Anishinaabe people to heal and that means " knowing the womb before you can fix the problem." Educate our children in culture, medicines, and language. Listen to the elders and take care of Mother Earth and all of her living things! I won several awards last year in 2011 but my most proudest award was from NAAF (National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation) for their contribution to help with my studies last year but also to keep up my production with my baby books. I also won the "The Three Fires Award" from my reservation in Wikwemikong, ON. I've been a busy student/artist for the past three years and a full time mother to my son. I've made numerous pieces of artwork which are now hanging at the Eagles Nest in North Bay, Ontario just to show my work but don't really want to sell them. I love making art and I love to teach!

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Mar 13, 2013 / 0 Comments / in Early childhood development

The problem we face right now is the missing link in the ojibway language. Not only are we the generation left behind to pick up the pieces from the effects of the residential school era, we are also responsible for putting those pieces back together! Our elders are slowly leaving us and without their knowledge of our traditions, languages and practices, we are going to lose it fast! I'm also in the process of learning and teaching the language to my son everyday, little by little he is learning and so am I. This is truly a double healing process for both parent and child!

Jan 10, 2012 / 0 Comments / in Early childhood development, Education, Play, Youth development

Language, language, language! Who would’ve of thought that Language, a key