Samanthi Ratnayake


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Name: Samanthi Ratnayake
Organization: social performence development centre
Title: Dairy technologist

Challenge Entries

Promotion of micro/small enterprises up to medium level by establishing a mobile enable information exchange system with SMS and digital content display via internet at banks and chambers to attract potential investors towards mobilizing equity while Creating a micro insurance system to overcome barriers of women entrepreneurs towards SME finance.

Creating a pilot project to introduce a mobile enable lending and saving network among small women groups to meet their day to day basic needs in ensuring required house hold cash flow while creating relationship and harmony among the members of the network to share their resources, knowledge and opportunities.

Nov 03, 2009 / 0 Comments / in Behavioral issues

"Dissemination of Knowledge and awareness in appropriate application of traditional good feeding & management methodologies practicedby past generations with nursing mothers and children under 2 years that could be learnt through a e learning digital contents with a touch button screen at village weekly maternity clinic