Sandy Kershaw


Name: Sandy Kershaw
Organization: Nunatsiavut Government
Title: Inuit Bachelor of Social Work Program Coordinator
Born in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL, Sandy graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland in 1997 with a Bachelor of Education degree. Passionate about her Inuit culture and education, Sandy feels the position she now holds perfectly melds her cultural and academic interests. Married to David, Sandy is working toward attaining her Masters degree in Post Secondary Studies.

Challenge Entries

To meet its long term social development needs, Nunatsiavut Government decided to build from within-partner with a university to offer a culturally competent accredited social work program to its Beneficiaries in Labrador. Teaming up with Memorial University of Newfoundland's School of Social Work, faculty and NG staff began the job of forging a new path. Inuit students enrolled in the program not only receive instruction in the standardized social work program of study, traditional Inuit knowledge and cultural norms are woven into each course.