Sarmila Shrestha


Name: Sarmila Shrestha
Organization: Women Acting Together for Change (WATCH)
Title: Prigram Manager

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Jun 16, 2011 / 0 Comments / in Economic development, Income generation, Women's issues

Poverty means different things to different people. Poverty is not the result of only economic deprivation. The reasons and causes of poverty are multi-faceted. WATCH believes that poverty is not only caused by economic issues but by social and cultural and educational status, level of participation in the political and development activities. Above all, it is the dependency mentality and lack of awareness, skills, commitment for managing available resources.

Rights of local users especially poor, women and disadvantaged groups in natural resources like forest, water, waste land, community pond, etc. need to be guaranteed and users need to be informed and empowered to utilize them. Government and non-government services and facilities need to become accessible if they are to be used by poor. Users need to be organized to participate in decision making.