Sebastião Cartaxo


Name: Sebastião Cartaxo
Organization: Dossier Digital
Title: SOA Architect (Solutions Architect)
Sebastião Cartaxo is the author of the Dossier Digital's platform. He built the core modules and the critical functions of the tool. As a inovator he has the careful of do concept proofs for everything he proposes. Due this, he goes deep in technical issues, so that he is able to demonstrate each part of his proposal. He is experienced and updated, knowing mainframe environment and new technological platforms. He is certified as a Microsoft Solution Developer and has skill in the follow fields: SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), C# .Net, XML Web Services, Windows Azure, BPM, B2B and EAI. In the ninety's decade he authored and launched several softwares in the market, and had some local success. But one of the softwares did a big success. This one today is the leader in the OSHA segment (see - Occupational Safety & Healthy Administrator). The software ( is in the following multinational from Brazil: Petrobras (Oil -, Odebrecht (Building - and Vale (iron -

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MySoft intends its production and distribution of computer applications (apps) for use by service providers in classes C and D, promoting the digital inclusion of small businesses from the base of the social pyramid. The creators of the applications are youth from the same social reality, organized in professional cooperative networks, for income generation via the production of software.

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Dossier Digital is a company engaged in creating innovative softwares, and its recent project is a new technology, MeuSoft, created with goals to generate incomes to young brazilians which don't have conditions to compete in the regular workplace.

A part of the needed resources are being provided by FINEP, a government company, part of the Science and Technology Ministry, which has the goal to change Brazil through innovating ideas.

O MeuSoft visa produção e distribuição de aplicativos de informática para uso por prestadores de serviços das classes C e D, promovendo a inclusão digital dos peqenos negócios da base da pirâmide social. Os criadores dos aplicativos são jovens da mesma realidade social, cooperativados em rede profissional, para geração de renda via produção de softwares que falam a mesma língua do público alvo.