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Anna Semeniuc

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Name: Semeniuc Anna
Organization: NGO "Terra-1530"
Title: Ms
2010 – 2011 Landscape designer, ICAS, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova 04.2011 – 04.2012 LOGO Practice in ecological agriculture, Stuttgart, Germany 05.2012 – 01.2013: Engineer, department of forest projects and observation, ICAS, Republic of Moldova 01. 2013-present - Chief department Projects and Forest research, ICAS, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova; May 2013-today – chief editor, magazine “Gradina mea”. Expert NGO "Terra-1530"

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Forests provide a lot of diverse benefits to societies. Besides the fact that wood processing and forest products provide significant contributions to the development of national economies, forests play a major role in maintaining the natural ecological balance. ..