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Name: Senem Gul
Senem was born into a poor family from southeast Turkey. After graduating from junior high school, she was forced to leave school because she was the eldest child and needed to take care of the house, and her sisters and brothers. She pursued special training courses in typing and sewing, and graduated with the best remarks. Then she started as a sewing tutor in a small village of Kahramanmaras, one of the southeastern cities, and later got a job at the Singer Company as a sewing instructor. She took a special exam to be accepted in the public service because this was her dream, but despite her success was devastated when not appointed for any position. After getting married, she had to immigrate to Istanbul with her husband where her second son was born. She worked as a cleaning lady, in a textile workshop and took care of an elderly lady for some time. Senem has always been interested in public service and in helping people, particularly those that are marginalized. Living in a dangerous and poor neighborhood of Istanbul got her thinking about what she could do to help herself and the women around her. As they were all facing similar problems, she made an effort to become closer with them and gain trust. She soon learned that they all wanted the same things: first, a safe place where they can educate and play with their kids, and second, to feel empowered to solve problems that affected their lives on a daily basis. After discovering that a cousin of hers was preparing her masters thesis on Women’s Studies, she offered her help in copying and binding. Through this thesis, she became aware of Ashoka Fellow Sengul Akcar and enrolled in several courses and seminars on women’s leadership at her foundation. Based on this initial exposure to the issues, she took initiative and convinced the women of the community that they were the only ones who could solve their problems. She then went door-to-door and invited women for a communal meeting. Although her efforts threatened her marriage, she pushed on and was able to convince women and their husbands that her cooperative was good for everyone. Aside from working closely with her two women’s centers, Senem acts as the class representative at a primary school where her elder son studies.

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تساعد سينوم جول السيدات اللاتي يعشن الحرمان الاقتصادي وفي المناطق التي تعاني من العنف في إسطنبول من أجل حل المشاكل الطائفية. تبني سينوم جول مجتمع ذاتي الحكم من مجموعة متنوعة من السيدات عبر تدريبهن وتنظيمهن للعمل على القضايا التي يهتمون بها.

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Senem participe à la création d'une communauté de femmes auto-gérée, en les formant et en les organisant afin d'agir sur les problèmes qui les concernent. Ainsi, elle propose un processus participatif permettant aux femmes de développer leur confiance en elles et leur capacité à diriger dans le but d'instaurer des changements durables dans leurs régions.

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Senem is building a self-governed community of diverse women by training and organizing them to act on the issues they care about. In doing so, she creates participatory processes so that women can develop the self-confidence and leadership skills to bring lasting change to their neighborhoods.

Within the framework of the project; the mothers of the mentally disabled children produces accessories by using (domestic/industrial) packaging wastes, while their children benefit from special integration programs.

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