Stavros Sindakis


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Name: Stavros Sindakis
Organization: Happy Dickens - Center for Positive Behavior
Title: Dr
Stavros is a focused and forward thinking academic and professional with substantial experience in innovation and entrepreneurship issues. He holds a PhD and has extensive teaching and research experience in both business and marketing fields. As regards the Happy Dickens initiative, we believe that its innovative approach regards the way experts plan to treat children and educate caregivers. We have found that the key for success is to listen the children’s voices, understand their needs and develop offerings that meet those needs well. The Center will also develop educational programs that reach schools and childcare centers, aiming to increase the number of people who acquire the skills to manage children appropriately. The experts of “Happy Dickens” work on developing effective, tailored developmental programs for children and their families. The Center also seeks to develop cooperation with parents and teachers, aiming at long-term and lasting changes in their lives.

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The Center for Positive Behavior 'Happy Dickens' is a non profit organization, which offers practical solutions to a number of challenges and issues faced by children (aged 18 months to 14 years old), parents, teachers and caregivers.