Sun Mi Seo


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Name: Sun Mi Seo
Organization: playplanet
Title: founder/imaginer
Many people say doing good is poor. However, I don’t think so. I imagine things good but fashionable and passionate. How to create social value to solve social problem and economic value for its sustainability? I think creativity will bring the innovation and it is not ability, it would be attitude to meet people and see the world. Some ask how human rights or environment can come together with business. People may say unreasonable, but I believe the unreasonable power and social entrepreneurship to change the world. System could be changed and such creative innovation is already happening around us. Life is travel and travel is life. I want to respond to social issues and deliver the democratic revolution through travel. I believe a meeting between people and people brings a change and imagine a network of travelers who have a power to make a better world. I feel connected to everywhere where change is needed. As long as there is hope for better world, I will be there. Sustainable tourism could be an effective tool for poverty reduction, self-reliance of marginalized people and protection of environment. Tourism is growing fastest in developing countries and tourism exhibits the highest linkages of any industry to local economies. Everyone who loves travel can play a major role for responsible and sustainable tourism, paying attention to the interests of local communities and environment. Travelers’ conscious choice can provide the village with employment, school funds, a clinic and money for orphans as well as preserve the ecosystem and it will make a better world. I am a director at social enterprise, Travelers’ MAP (Travelers’ Make an Amazing Planet) which designs and operates sustainable travel. I decided to take Master of Art Inter-Asia NGO Studies (MAINS) at Sungkonghoe University and in order to learn about social sector before I started business for social enterprise. At the same year 2009, I started the social enterprise. I am writing thesis about social enterprise business model in sustainable tourism. During undergraduate studies, I experienced activities for sustainable society at NEXTERS which was social venture project group and participated in Social Consulting Group (SCG) to develop management of social enterprises. I coordinated 2008 Asian Social Entrepreneurs Summit and worked for 2009 Creativity Summit.

Challenge Entries

Playful Participatory Platform for Sustainable Tourism: Connect. Inspire. Change.

How can we travel better for us and better for the earth? We find the answer in sustainable travel which benefits local community, protects environment, and respects locals. Tourism is connected every social issues. We can lead the industry into making positive impacts.