Susan Pick


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Name: Susan Pick
Organization: Instituto Mexicano de Investigación de Familia y Población
Title: President and director

Challenge Entries

Healthy early childhood development is essential to the development of life skills necessary for individuals to fully realize their potential to make autonomous, intrinsically-empowered decisions. With this in mind, IMIFAP has launched the Training Model for the Promotion of Breastfeeding, Prevention of Crib Death and Encouragement of Early Cognitive Stimulation.

Individuals living in marginalized conditions must gain control over their productivity and create opportunities based on informed, and above all, autonomous, decision-making. To achieve this, they must develop technical and psychosocial skills (assertive communication, teamwork, negotiation, management, marketing, etc.). As these skills become internalized and passed on to others, barriers to change common in marginalized communities (fear, shame, fatalism, inequity) diminish.