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Name: Denise Findlay
Organization: Chameleon Strategies
Title: co-owner of Chameleon Strategies
CHAMELEON STRATEGIES FACILITATORS Denise Findlay, CPCC, ACC Facilitator, Instructor, Coach, and Founder of Chameleon Strategies Throughout her career Denise has filled various multi-disciplinary roles and gained invaluable experience and insight from her work with corporations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, First Nations individuals and administrations, and small businesses. Due to a high level of commitment to her own and her clients’ growth, Denise has excelled in the areas of personal and organizational development. Denise is passionate about facilitating and building the capacity of groups during times of change and believes people have the innate ability to flourish regardless of circumstances. Whether working with individuals, relationships, teams or communities, her goal is to increase the client’s capacity to transcend self-imposed limitations. To elicit existing creativity, skills, and potential from within each client, Denise uses her gifts of intuition, directness and insight in combination with her unique ability as a professional coach. Her approach goes beyond routine problem solving models and leads clients to source their own wisdom and creativity. Clients discover and implement their own solutions leading to sustainable change that is meaningful. Denise holds a Diploma in Business Management from Capilano University, an Instructors Certificate from the Justice Institute, and a BC Provincial Instructors Diploma from Vancouver Community College. She is one of few First Nations Certified Professional Coaches in Canada, is certified through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and has advanced training in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) from the Center for Right Relationship. Denise is currently studying Process Psychology as it applies to relationships and groups navigating change and experiencing conflict. Denise was born and raised in North Vancouver to a mother of European decent, and a father of Coast Salish and Tsimshian heritage. She currently resides in West Vancouver on the Capilano reserve with her husband Jay, her sons Jake and Max, and their dog Heidi, where they take a holistic approach to life. Denise feels lucky to have such a beautiful family and grateful that she is able to share her life with them.

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Our Intention
When we first started on this journey we did not understand how truly needed this work was. We had an idea for a workshop and being of an entrepreneurial nature and wanting to be in service we thought, why not? As it turns out, we have created something quite unique that has and continues to touch the lives of native and non- native people working and living together in First Nations organizations and communities.