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Name: Tereneh Mosley
Organization: OMWA + Idia'Dega: Eco-Design Collaboration - Elegant Ethical Apparel
Title: Creative Director and Creative Nomad
Living in a hut in Kenya without electricity or running water was not what Tereneh expected after graduating with a graduate degree in fashion design. But that is exactly where she found herself, all in a days work trying to make dreams come true. The OMWA Olorgesailie Maasai Women Artisans and Idia'Dega eco-design collaboration is about... Creative Force not Labor Force: Indigenous artisans are equal creative partners in the design process and equal beneficiaries financially. Globalization for Good - spreading the influence of world cultures to benefit all, Globalization should be global. Sustain + ability: To sustain both nature and human beauty. Indigenous knowledge, arts and talent is the foundation of humanity. Our vision: All things contain beauty and should be left for future generations to enjoy. The Olorgesailie Maasai Women’s group are talented artisans and craftswomen who lack only a reliable outlet for their products. This collaboration with Idia’Dega, an U.S.-based eco-fashion designed could prove to be the key link for the women to gain the economic foundation to achieve their goals. In late 2013 the Olorgesailie Maasai Women (OMWA) and Idia’Dega met and designed a ten piece collection of clothing and accessories for men and women. OMWA is a group formed by SORALO, a Maasai conservation group committed to environmental and cultural conservation. The Tomon (10 in Maasai) sustainable collection is based on the beautiful internationally-recognized Maasai design married with contemporary fashion silhouettes. We believe that now is the time for Globalization to be truly global, giving economic and creative opportunities directly to source of this inspiration – the Indigenous communities of the world. This is a collaboration of equals. We call it Creative Force not Labor Force. Not a far-away designer instructing the Maasai to simple “put the beads there” but designing, living and working together. In fact Tereneh Mosley, the founder of Idia’Dega lived and worked in Olorgesailie with the Maasai women on these designs late 2013. Tereneh returned to Kenya in 2014 to complete the sample collection for presentation to fashion buyers and media. Tomon premiered during Paris Fashion Week 9-10 July 2014. New York premiere: Tye Tomon at Warehouse Gallery, Red Hook, Brooklyn - New York Fashion Week September 2014. The Tomon Collection is the first Indigenous-inspired, co-design collection by OMWA + Idia'Dega.

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Idia’Dega is a global eco-design collaboration connecting Indigenous artisans to co-design and develop contemporary apparel.  By developing creative and economic partnership directly with Indigenous communities and to one another we hope to reshape the fashion system.  

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OMWA: Olorgesailie Maasai Women Artisans of Kenya and Idia’Dega, is a global eco-design collaboration based on three principles: Creative Force not Labor Force, Globalization for Good and Sustain + ability. We make Indigenous. Modern. Elegant ethical apparel.