Thomas Gosschalk

Thomas Gosschalk

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Name: Thomas Gosschalk
Organization: Procter & Gamble
Title: Wella Salon Professional CMK Manager for Europe & Russia
An entrepreneurial out-of-the box thinker with a passion for people, coaching and consumer insights. Consulting brands, business leaders, external customers and fashion houses; I have not only honed my leadership and influencing skills but also my ability to drive business growth whilst managing a highly complex and dynamic environment.

Challenge Entries

Dedicated to inspiring & enabling Europeans to volunteer abroad for free whilst maximising impact. This will be achieved by:

1) Driving transparency, information and education on the benefit to Europeans of volunteering
2) Offering no agency fees in meaningful programs that leverage volunteers' skills and passions
3) Inspiring social consciousness
4) Engaging individuals, universities and corporations in social responsibility

Dedicated to inspiring & enabling individuals to volunteer abroad for free whilst maximising impact.

Because if one decides to help other people, they should not have to pay for it!

How? Our volunteers will maximise impact by leveraging their strengths & focusing on their passions.