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Name: Tran Thi Trung Thuan
Organization: Thien Tam PLC.
Title: Director
I am 60 yrs old, founder Hand in Hand Project. This is a project of integration for disable people. We provide to community product to protect an improve the health by using all natural material.

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We are providing a wide range of natural products which provide health's benefits. Moreover, the production processes are suitable for the PWDs working capable.

Oct 17, 2011 / 0 Comments / in Disability

I create the job suitable for disabilities by enter to the market a natural products which are improved from the aroma therapy base on traditional herbal boiling pots. Our products are: anti-pollution masks, herbal at pad with coarse salt, zen pillow, zen cushion, aroma sachets, natural shoes deodorant, herbal dog bed. Most of production process are hand-made. We can employ many type of disabled people, disable in legs or arms or intellectual disabilities.
All herbs material have to prepare very carefully and eliminate all branches which are still longer medicinal value.

Abusing medicines makes people suffer from side-effect. Moreover, most people wait until disease become worse then go to hospitals, do not prevent it when it first started. Medical fee in hospitals is expensive; therefore doing preliminary health care at home is helping people to save cost and improves their well-being.